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The U.S. Junior Nationals is known as one of the premier competition event organizations in the United States. USJN operates grade-based, team-oriented boys and girls basketball tournaments and events from grades 5th through 12th grade.

USJN's National Championships - 31 years!

2018: This marks the 31st year of operation on the longest privately owned girls basketball...


HersheyPark Discount Ticket Offer

USJN will once again offer discounted HersheyPark tickets for tournament participants and their families. Details...


College Coaches In Attendance!

2016 & 2017 saw 3,500+ college coaches in attendance at 45 events all over the country....


Blue Star Media

In the fall of 2010 Blue Star Media was unveiled. As ESPN chose to shift...


U.S. Junior Nationals Birthday

U.S. Junior Nationals was created in 1986 by Mike Flynn as the first privately owned travel...


USJN Basketball Events

Attendees: Hershey National Showcase: 11th Annual

Registered Teams

CTBreeze 15
CTDa FAM Club 17
CTDa FAM Club 15
CTDa FAM Club 11
CTHeat 12
CTLay'D Athleticz 16
CTStarters 13
CTStorm Premier 13
CTWave (Hasty)12
CTWave Alves 14
DCHavoc City Elite 12
DEWilmington Tigers 9
INThe Family 12
MABaystate Magic Elite (Wardwell)12
MABoston Showstoppers 12
MABoston Showstoppers 11
MABSME Lamb (Pat Lamb)13
MACape Cod Waves 14
MACape Cod Waves 12
MAHoney Badgers 12
MAM-Plex Beasts 11
MAM-Plex Dragons (Reen)12
MAMass Wildcats 13
MANew England Crusaders (Platinum)12
MAVBC (Yellow)11
MDClassics (Bond)15
MDColumbia Ravens (Brooks)12
MDColumbia Ravens (Foster)11
MDFlames (Yeager)11
MDFlames (Hannan)11
MDFlames 10
MDGrizzlies 13
MDGVAA Lady Lions 15
MDHoopEd 16
MDHurricanes (Bateson)16
MDHurricanes 16
MDLady Clippers (Thomas)16
MDLady Clippers 15
MDLady Heat 14
MDLady Hoopsters (Black)13
MDLady Hoopsters (Blue)13
MDLady Hoopsters 11
MDLady Liberty 17
MDLove Elite 16
MDMarissa Coleman Dream 17
MDMetro Lady Celtics 14
MDMetro Lady Celtics (Whitley)12
MDMYBA Wildcats 17
MDSilver Bullets 15
MDSting 16
MDSting 14
MDSureShots 10
MDTeam Sol (Brown)11
NCCarolina Belles 17
NHFlames 11
NHGranite State Rockettes 14
NHGranite State Rockettes 12
NHNew England Crusaders (Black)16
NHNew England Crusaders (Gold)13
NHNew England Crusaders (Silver)12
NHNew England Crusaders (Green)11
NHRivals 14
NJAC Wildcats (Cavanaugh)13
NJAtlantic Arsenal 14
NJCentral Jersey Hawks 15
NJCentral Jersey Hawks 14
NJCentral Jersey Hawks (Inman)13
NJCentral Jersey Hawks 12
NJCentral Jersey Hawks 11
NJCJ Cardinals 11
NJCNBC/Jersey Sting 12
NJDM Panthers 17
NJDM Panthers (Kruger)14
NJDM Panthers (Schallus)13
NJDMPanthers (Newman)15
NJGS Sharpshooters 14
NJGS Sharpshooters 13
NJMC Garden Staters 15
NJNext Level Skill Set 12
NJNext Level Skill Set 11
NJNexxt Level (Black)14
NJNexxt Level (Gold)13
NJNorth Jersey Blast 13
NJNorth Jersey Blast 12
NJNorth Jersey Celtics 16
NJPhiladelphia Belles (Dougherty)16
NJPhiladelphia Belles (Stover)14
NJRising Stars (Spiess)17
NJRising Stars (Ponce)16
NJRising Stars 13
NJSharpshooters 15
NJUnited NJ (Franzyshen)13
NJUnited NJ (Dugan)13
NJUnited NJ (A1)12
NJUnited NJ (A2)12
NJUnited NJ (Clarke)11
NJUnited NJ (Pinkman)10
NYCoast 2 Coast 11
NYFuture Stars 13
NYHudson River Hornets 14
NYHudson River Hornets 12
NYLI Lady Wizards 16
NYLI Lady Wizards 14
NYLI Renegades (Blue)15
NYLI Renegades (White)14
NYLong Island Lightning (Hahn)13
NYLong Island Lightning (McKee)13
NYLong Island Lightning (Milhaven)13
NYLong Island Lightning (Flynn)13
NYLong Island Lightning (Gaeckler)13
NYLong Island Lightning (Catapano)12
NYLong Island Lightning (Lepore)12
NYLong Island Lightning (Zeitsiff)11
NYLong Island Lightning (Maurer)11
NYNew Heights 11
NYNYC Lady Bulldogs 16
NYNYC Lady Bulldogs 14
NYNYC Lady Bulldogs 12
NYNYC Lady Bulldogs 11
NYNYC Lady Bulldogs 10
NYNYC Lady Bulldogs 9
NYNYC Lady Warriors (McCollin)11
NYRockland Rockets 11
NYSaratoga Sparks 14
NYSI Diamonds 10
NYSilver Bullets Hackett 11
NYStaten Island Diamonds 12
NYStaten Island Stingrays 11
NYWestchester Hoopers (Gelardi)15
NYWestchester Hoopers 15
NYWestchester Hoopers (Miressi)14
NYWestchester Hoopers (Guerra)13
NYWhipple City Magic 12
PA4Sports Breakers 15
PABlue Thunder (Swogger)13
PAChester County Wizards 14
PAChester County Wizards 13
PAChickies Rock 13
PAComets (Murphy)12
PAFreedom Basketball Club 17
PAJaguars 13
PAJB Hoops 13
PAKeystone Karma 17
PAKeystone Karma 14
PALady Trojans 17
PALehigh Valley Outcasts 13
PALV Hawks 15
PAMid Penn Motion 14
PANEPA Flames 11
PAPhiladelphia Belles (Bamford)16
PAPhiladelphia Belles (Hilf)16
PAPhiladelphia Belles (Halligan)15
PAPhiladelphia Belles (Skedzielewski)14
PAPhiladelphia Belles (Sabb)12
PAPittsburgh Rockers (White)16
PAPride (Stitt)12
PAPride (Adams)12
PAPride 11
PARenegades (Dennis)16
PARenegades (Miller)16
PARenegades (Pomponio)13
PASouth Central Select 16
PASouth Central Select 10
PAWarhawks 17
PAWPA Bruins 12
PAYork Thunder 15
PAYork Unity 15
RILady Cyclones 13
RITeam BSB 12
RITeam BSB Bullets (Greffen)11
RIThunder 13
RIThunder 12
VABWSL Xpress (Walker)16
VACardinals 15
VAElite 17
VAElite (Wiley)15
VAElite (Byrd)14
VAFairfax Stars 9
VALady Neptunes 12
VALady Tarheels 12
VALoudoun Triple Threat 12
VALTT Select 14
VALTT Select (Fisher)14
VALTT Select (Tibbits)11
VAMatrix (2015)14
VAMatrix (McConnell)13
VAMatrix (Green)13
VAMatrix 11
VAMatrix Elite (Drayton)15
VANo Limits 16
VAPotomac Valley Vogues 15
VAPSPA Rams 12
VARising Stars (Harris)12
VAVogues (Priester)16
VAVogues 14
VAVogues (Madison)14
VAVogues (Benjamin)13
VAVogues (Piche)12
VAWFBC Mustangs 15
VAWinchester Rising Stars 15
WVNSBC (Rampage)17
WVRuckus Elite 15

Event Information