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News & Updates

The U.S. Junior Nationals is known as one of the premier competition event organizations in the United States. USJN operates grade-based, team-oriented boys and girls basketball tournaments and events from grades 5th through 12th grade.

USJN's National Championships - 31 years!

2018: This marks the 31st year of operation on the longest privately owned girls basketball...


HersheyPark Discount Ticket Offer

USJN will once again offer discounted HersheyPark tickets for tournament participants and their families. Details...


College Coaches In Attendance!

2016 & 2017 saw 3,500+ college coaches in attendance at 45 events all over the country....


Blue Star Media

In the fall of 2010 Blue Star Media was unveiled. As ESPN chose to shift...


U.S. Junior Nationals Birthday

U.S. Junior Nationals was created in 1986 by Mike Flynn as the first privately owned travel...


USJN Basketball Events

Attendees: Indy 100: 3rd Annual

Registered Teams

ILDream Team 17
ILFEBA Superfriends 17
ILLady Jets 16
ILLady Meanstreets (Blue)15
ILMidwest Elite (White)17
ILMidwest Elite (Blue)15
ILTri-State Express 17
ILTri-State Express (White)14
INAlways 100 15
INBest Choice (2016)13
INBlue Chips (Elite)16
INFinest (Duke)16
INFlight (Strike)17
INFlight (Attack)17
INFlight (Force)17
INGym Rats (Stoller)14
INHoosier Elite (Kahla)16
INHoosier Elite (East-Beckett)15
INHoosier Elite (Cotter)15
INHoosier Elite (Wolfpac)14
INHoosier Elite (Roth)12
INIndiana's Finest 16
INMBC Miracles 17
INTeam Elite (Simpson)15
INThe Family (BOP)15
MIBasketball Club 17
MICeltics 16
MIElite (Central 16/15)16
MIElite (North)16
MIElite (HEAT)16
MIElite (North)15
MIGGBC (Voss)15
MILegion Select 16
MILegion Select 15
MIMonarchs (Stillwell)16
MIMonarchs (BOP LaGrande)16
MIMonarchs (Brown)14
MIMonarchs (Rufus)13
MIPatriots 15
MIRage 16
MIRage 15
MIStars 17
MNSuns (Fassett)16
MNSuns (Davison)16
MNSuns (Arbogast)15
MNSuns (McGowan)14
MOSt. Louis Cougars 17
MOSt. Louis Warriors 14
NEMetro Mustangs 17
NEPinnacle Bank Nebraska 17
OHDB Hoops 17
OHLady Bruins (2016)13
OHLady's 1st Bball Academy 15
OHLady's 1st Bball Academy 12
OHStarz 17
WIPlayground Elite 16
WIPlayground Elite 15
WIPlayground Elite 14
WIStealerZ Elite (2013)16
WIWBA Prestige (Teal)17
WIWBA Prestige (Black)17
WIWBA Prestige (Grey)16
WIWBA Prestige (White)15
WIWBA Prestige (Blue)14
WIWBA Prestige (Purple)14

Event Information