37th Annual USJN 17-11u National Championships

The longest running privately owned girls basketball event in the country continues to be the place...

23rd Annual Hershey Showcase

This longstanding girls event continues to be one of the great stops for the girls basketball...

USJN unveils BracketTeam App for 2022

With long awaited anticipation USJN finally has aligned with a new tournament app BRACKET TEAM with...

USJN Basketball Events

Windy City Classic: 10th Annual

Event Photos

event image

17u Division (Pool A-B) Champions

OH-Cincy Angels 17 Harlan

event image

17u Division (Pool C-D) Champions

WI-Academy 17

event image

17u Division (Pool E-F) Champions

IL-Chicago Hoops Express 17 I

event image

10th Annual - Windy City Classic

Over 300 college coaches in attendance for the 4th straight year

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17u Division (Pool KK-NN) Champions

MO-Blue Star St. Louis 15

event image

15u Division (Pool OO-RR) Champions

IN-Midwest Finest 15 Stallings

event image

15u Division (Pool SS-VV) Champions

OH-Stars 15

event image

15u Division (Pool WW-ZZ) Champions

IL-Example Sports 15

event image

15u Division (Pool AAA-DDD) Champions

IL-Rockets 15 Hotwagner

event image

15u Division (Pool EEE-FFF) Champion

OH-Dayton Lady Hoopstars 14 Black

event image

14u Division (Pool GGG-JJJ) Champions

OH-Cincy Angels 13

event image

14u Division (Pool KKK-NNN) Champions

IN-Gym Rats Northern 14

event image

14u Division (Pool OOO-RRR) Champions

OH-TNBA 14 Berry

event image

14u Division (Pool SSS-VVV) Champions

WI-WisRAP 14

event image

13/12/11u Division (Pool WWW-ZZZ) Champions

WI-Playground Elite 13

event image

13/12/11u Division (Pool AAAA-DDDD) Champions

OH-Central OH Showtime 13

event image

13/12/11u Division (Pool EEEE-HHHH) Champions

IN-NW Lady Tigers 13