37th Annual USJN 17-11u National Championships

The longest running privately owned girls basketball event in the country continues to be the place...

23rd Annual Hershey Showcase

This longstanding girls event continues to be one of the great stops for the girls basketball...

USJN unveils BracketTeam App for 2022

With long awaited anticipation USJN finally has aligned with a new tournament app BRACKET TEAM with...

USJN Basketball Events

Attendees: USJN Qualifier: GREAT PLAINS 6th Annual

Registered Teams

COSoar (National BSTL)17
COSoar (National BSJL)15
COSoar (National)14
IACY Select Wolves (Young BSTL)17
IACY Select Wolves (Adams BSJL)15
ILBall Hogg Academy (Riney)14
ILBall Hogg Academy (Grady)13
ILMidPro South Academy (Hogg)15
KSApply Pressure Elite (Davis)16
KSApply Pressure Elite (White)14
KSEclipse (Red)17
KSEclipse (Red Kelley)16
KSEclipse (Red Kelley)15
KSEclipse (Blue Star BSJL)15
KSEclipse (Red Johnston )15
KSEclipse (Red)14
KSEclipse (Wendte RBSL)14
KSEclipse (Lynn RBSL)14
KSEclipse (Red)13
KSElite (Zars)17
KSElite (Novicoff)17
KSElite (DDI)16
KSElite (Red)15
KSElite (White)15
KSElite (2027)14
KSKC Hustle (Sacks)13
KSMidwest Mavericks (2029)12
MODella Lamb (Gold)17
MODella Lamb (3SSB)17
MODella Lamb (3SSB)16
MODella Lamb (2027)14
MODella Lamb (2028)13
MODella Lamb (2029)12
MOHigh Impact (Davis)13
MOKC Lady Run GMC 17
MOKC Lady Run GMC 14
MOKC Premiere 16
MORDC (Powell)16
MORDC (Powell 2028)13
MOStandout Prep 17

Event Information