36th Annual USJN 17-13u National Championships

The longest running privately owned girls basketball event in the country continues to be the place...

22nd Annual Hershey Showcase

This longstanding girls event continues to be one of the great stops for the girls basketball...

USJN unveils BracketTeam App for 2022

With long awaited anticipation USJN finally has aligned with a new tournament app BRACKET TEAM with...

USJN Basketball Events

Attendees: Battle at the Border: 18th Year

Registered Teams

ARMavericks (Luna 2027)14
ARMavericks (Luna 2028)13
COBoulder Rockies 17
COBoulder Rockies 16
COCBC Elite (UAA)13
COElite 16
COLady Roughriders (National Jenkins)17
COLady Roughriders (Premier Crutchfield )16
COLady Roughriders (Elite Johnston )16
IABall Stars (National)15
IABall Stars 14
IACY Select Wolves (Young BSTL)17
IACY Select Wolves (Adams BSJL)15
IAETG Midwest (3SSB)15
IAKingdom Hoops (Elite BSTL)17
ILPredators (Andrews)12
INShowtime Academy 12
KSBlueJays B2B Elite (Barber)17
KSBlueJays B2B Elite 14
KSEclipse (Red)17
KSEclipse (Red Kelley)16
KSEclipse (BSJL)16
KSEclipse (Blue Star BSJL)15
KSEclipse (Red Johnston )15
KSEclipse (Red Kelley)15
KSEclipse (Lynn RBSL)14
KSEclipse (Red)14
KSEclipse (Wendte RBSL)14
KSEclipse (Black)14
KSEclipse (Red)13
KSElite (Zars)17
KSElite (Novicoff)17
KSElite (DDI)16
KSElite (Red)15
KSElite (White)15
KSElite (2027)14
KSKC Hustle (Sacks)13
KSMagic (2024)17
KSMagic (Kirk 2026)15
KSMagic (Lohman-Fuller 2027)14
KSMagic (King 2028)13
KSNext Level Eclipse (Winfrey 2024)17
KSNext Level Eclipse (McCorry 2026 BSJL)15
KSNext Level Eclipse (Loy 2026)15
KSNext Level Eclipse (Patterson 2027)14
KSNext Level Eclipse (Loy)12
KSPride (I)17
KSPride (II)16
KSSSA (Clark)15
KSSSA (Teal Scott)14
KSSSA (Black Ingram)14
KSSSA (Moylan)13
KSTeam Keep Your Dribble 16
KSUnited (Harden 2027)14
KSWheat State Elite (Madkins )17
KSWheat State Elite (Malm )17
KSWheat State Elite (Rose)13
KSWheat State Elite (Garland 2028)13
KSWKE (Hope 2024)17
KSWKE (Cossman 2024)17
KSWKE (Crockett 2025)16
KSWKE (Thompson 2026)15
MNDiamond Elite (BSSL)17
MNDiamond Elite (Green BSSL 2025)16
MNDiamond Elite (Walker/Begin 2026)15
MNE1T1 MN Queens 16
MNE1T1 MN Queens 15
MNE1T1 MN Queens (Black)14
MNO U Elite 13
MNP.R.E.P. (Buerman BSSL)17
MNP.R.E.P. (Buerman BSSL)15
MOABA Supreme 15
MOABA Supreme 14
MOAll Missouri Attack 15
MOAll Missouri Attack 14
MOAll Missouri Attack 13
MOColumbia Supreme 13
MOColumbia Supreme 12
MOColumbia Supreme (2030)12
MODella Lamb (3SSB)17
MODella Lamb (Gold)17
MODella Lamb (3SSB)16
MODella Lamb (2027)14
MODella lamb (Gold )13
MODella Lamb (2028)13
MOEarl Watson Academy (Williams)17
MOEarl Watson Academy (Harrison)16
MOFlash KC (White 2024)17
MOFlash KC (Black 2026)15
MOHigh Impact (Orange)14
MOKC Lady Run GMC 17
MOKingdom Hoops 17
MOKnights Academy 15
MOPBA (2026)15
MOPhenom Columbia (Baggett)17
MOPhenom Columbia (Maltsberger)17
MOPhenom Columbia (Porter)16
MOPhenom Columbia (Jackson)15
MOPhenom Columbia (Logsdon)15
MOPhenom Columbia (Bell)15
MOPhenom Columbia (Betts)15
MOPhenom Columbia (Sievers)14
MOPhenom Columbia (Fick)14
MOPhenom Columbia (Stone)13
MOPhenom Columbia (Lawson)12
MOPhenom Columbia (Morton)12
MOPrime 14
MORainmakers 17
MORDC (Powell)16
MORDC (Powell 2028)13
MORoyalty Bball (Boyd )17
MORoyalty Bball (Richardson)13
MOSelect 17
MOSoutheast Dynasty (White)16
MOSoutheast Dynasty (Blue)16
MOSoutheast Dynasty (April 7th)13
MOSoutheast Dynasty (Blakey 6th)12
MOSt. Louis Gators 15
MOStandout Prep 17
MOStandout Prep (2029)12
MOStorm (Fontleroy )15
MOTC Hoops (2024)17
MOTC Hoops (2028)13
MOTC Hoops (2029)12
MOTeam Blackout (Bradley)17
MOTeam Blackout (Bradley)14
MOTribe 17
MOUnstoppable (Stevens)17
MOUnstoppable (Elite)12
MOUnstoppable (Premier)12
MOYanders Law (Carrasquillo 2025)16
MOYanders Law (Smith 2026)15
NEAttack (Select Pink)17
NEAttack (Select Black)17
NEAttack (Rise)17
NEAttack (UAA)17
NEAttack (UAA)16
NEAttack (UAA)15
NEAttack (Rise)15
NEAttack (Select)15
NEAttack (UAA)14
NEAttack (8th National)14
NEHoops Elite 17
NEHoops Elite (Wrightsell)16
NEHoops Elite 15
NELasers (Regional)17
NELasers (National)17
NELasers (National)15
NELasers (National)14
NEOmaha Crusaders 17
NEOSA Elite (Jones)17
NEOSA Elite (Coleman)16
NEOSA Elite (Brooks 1)14
NEOSA Elite (Brooks 2)14
NESupreme (National)17
NESupreme (Regional)16
NESupreme (National)16
NETeam Factory (2027 Select)14
NETeam Factory (2027 )14
NETeam Factory (2028 )13
NETeam Nebraska Express 14
OKAces (McGee/Anglin)16
OKAces (2026)15
OKGameball Fusion (Pink E40)17
OKGameball Fusion (E40)15
OKGameball Fusion (Black 2028)13
OKTeam Griffin (Owens E40 2024)17
OKTeam Griffin (Cobbins 2025)16
OKTeam Griffin (Cobbins E40 2026)15
OKTeam Griffin 24 (Gaulden)17
OKTeam Griffin 26 (Gaulden)15
OKTeam Griffin Elite (Atkinson 2027)14
OKTulsa JYD (Gold 2024)17
OKTulsa JYD (Black 2024)17
OKTulsa JYD (Gold 2026)15
OKUnity (Red 2027)14
WIPlayground Elite (Smith BSTL)17

Event Information